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Competition Format

8 Dec 2017

Competition Briefing

5 May 2017

Submission of Preliminary Proposals

19 May 2017

Judging of Preliminary Proposals


Selection of 10 Finalist Teams

1 – 30 Jun 2017

Practical Attachment at Assigned Organisations

14 Jul 2017

Submission of Final Proposals

27 Jul 2017

Team Presentation to Judging Panel

29 Aug 2017

Award Presentation at the 2021 GCNS Summit

The case competition will be conducted in two phases.

In Phase 1, teams will attend a virtual briefing where they will learn more about the SDGs, hear from CDL’s Chief Sustainability Officer, pick up tips from last year’s winning team, and understand the format and timeline of the case competition. 

Topic: Taking Action for SDG 13 Climate Action in the New Normal 

Your video clip submission MUST address the following:

  • How can CDL integrate SDG 13 (Climate Action) into its key business areas (Property Development, Asset Management and Hotel Business), which would be beneficial for CDL’s business and the health of the planet and people, taking into account the new normal caused by COVID-19? Cover at least 2 out of 3 of the key business areas.


Participants are to submit their video clips (no more than 8 mins) creatively to in recorded format (e.g. videos, presentation slides, skits, animations, voiceovers, combination of these, etc…) consisting of all the following:

  • Self-introduction of team members
  • The business segment(s) of CDL which the team is focussing on
  • Implications to CDL if climate change is ignored for the chosen business segment(s)
  • Proposed ideas for CDL that support SDG 13 (Climate Action), and how these ideas complement CDL’s business(es)
  • Impact that can be generated from the proposed ideas, including metrics for tracking impact
  • Supporting photos, graphics, videos, or any other creative expressions are encouraged.


Only 10 finalist teams will be selected to proceed to Phase 2 of the case competition.


Virtual Competition Briefing

Date: 30 January 2021

Time: 10am – 11.30am

Venue: Register here for the Zoom link

In Phase 2, each of the 10 finalist teams will be attached to an assigned organisation for a 3 to 5 days work attachment. Subject to social distancing regulations and practices at the company, the attachment may take place entirely online or a hybrid of offline and online attachment. During the work attachment, teams will have the opportunity to interact with the company representative(s) and learn first-hand about the challenges of implementing sustainability across complex operations and integrating SDG 13 (Climate Action) into businesses. The attachment will help in the preparation of the final proposal and it is mandatory for all members of the finalist teams to attend the work attachment. Should all team members be unable to attend the work attachment, the teams must communicate this to the organisers in advance.

Each finalist team will be mentored by an experienced youth mentor who will provide advice and guidance to improve their final proposals and presentation. These youth mentors were winners in previous editions of the CDL-GCNS Young SDG Leaders Award.

The 10 finalist teams will present their final proposals to a judging panel comprising sustainability leaders and experts from various industries.

2021 Competition Schedule

By 24 Jan 2021

Early Bird Registration
Stand to win shopping vouchers!

30 Jan 2021, 10am - 11.30am

Virtual Competition Briefing

14 Feb 2021

Closing Date for Registration

21 Mar 2021

Submission of video clip. Case study on CDL.

12 Apr 2021

Notification of Preliminary Judging Results

Jun 2021

3-5 days Work Attachment with Assigned Case Company (For 10 finalist teams only)

11 Jul 2021

Submission of Final Proposal

17 Jul 2021

Final Judging

Oct 2021

Award Presentation and Champion Team’s Presentation at GCNS Summit

Judging Criteria

The preliminary and final proposals are assessed based on the following criteria and score weightage:

Understanding of SDG 13 (Climate Action), as well as CDL’s Business Strategy, Operations and Overall Sustainability Strategy 15%
Demonstrate clear understanding of SDG 13 (Climate Action)
Identify challenges in the built environment and/or hospitality industry* in achieving SDG 13 (Climate Action), that are relevant to CDL
*Depending on the business segment(s) chosen by the participating team
Development of Innovative Ideas that Integrate SDG 13 (Climate Action)35%
Detailed analysis identifying the opportunities for SDG 13 (Climate Action) in CDL’s business, considering the needs of CDL’s stakeholders
Analysis of the proposed ideas’ impact on SDG 13 (Climate Action)
Feasibility and Effectiveness of Proposal 35%
Originality of ideas
Appropriateness and scalability of proposed ideas
Due consideration of limitations and solutions to overcome them
Quality of Submission 15%
Usage of creative media and effectiveness in communicating ideas
Successful Alignment of SDGs with Business Strategy & Operations and Overall Sustainability Strategy
Clear Understanding of the Company’s Core Business and Target Markets30%
Sound analysis of company’s overall sustainability strategy and existing programmes
Analysis of how SDG 13 (Climate Action) is currently aligned and embedded across functions and business operations using assessment tools/ frameworks/ guidelines
Demonstrate How Embedding SDG 13 (Climate Action) can Translate into New Business Opportunities/Innovations for the Company35%
Detailed analysis of the risks and opportunities that SDG 13 (Climate Action) pose to the company
Appropriate initiatives and programmes proposed for stakeholders
Appropriate metrics to measure impact towards SDG 13 (Climate Action)
Feasibility and Effectiveness of Proposal25%
Clear evidence of thinking out of the box
Due consideration of limitations and solutions to overcome them
Consideration of projected costs and/or revenue
Overall Quality of Proposal 10%
Clear presentation and organisation
Bonus Points
1. Quality engagement with youth mentor5 pts
2. Quality engagement with case company 5 pts